The JB Collection

Bad Drugs


In the 1960's, there was a problem with a drug called LSD in America. Beatles saw the problem. And they saw what they could do, to stop the problem. The Beatles flew to the US, and standing amongst the hippies, who were on LSD, told the world, that LSD was a bad drug. And the world should not take bad drugs.

Beatles stopped the LSD problem throughout the world.

When I was young, myself, in the 1960's, there was a guy, in my neighbourhood, manufacturing his own drug. He sold the drug to some of my mates. Over about a year, they became very unwell.

When you buy a product in a shop, you get a product, that is made under strict government controls. You can be fairly certain; you will get a good product. From a manufacturer you can trust.

When you buy a product off a drug dealer. There is no government control, at all. You are not just taking your chances. You don't know, what you are getting, at all.

When someone says to you, "Hey!" "Want to get hi mate?" I would be very careful. Because, you don't know what you are actually taking. It could very easily, be a bad drug.

The guy, in my neighbourhood, who made his own drugs. Like, Elvis Presley, died young.