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Jon Coghill was the drummer from Powderfinger.




Jon Coghill Pedophile

Jon Coghill called me a pedophile. I am not a pedophile. He confessed to being a pedophile himself on Triple M.

Jon Coghill was sentenced to prison for three years.

His mate at Triple M also went to jail.

I haven't listened to Triple M since 2012.


2021: Jon Coghill starts a new business similar to Young Talent Time.

           He calls himself a 'Proud Pedophile'.


Scenario --- My Opinion Only



Photo below of Jon Coghill's website.

Link here to Jon Coghill's website



--- Mr Coghill made a lot of money by lying about me.


You can read about Jon Coghill's new business on the link below.

Sunshine Coast Showdown


Mr Coghill calls himself a 'Proud Pedophile'.                  His business is like Young Talent Time.