The JB Collection

Abusive Drug Addict.

Jon Coghill is an abusive drug addict. -------------------- I have a SUSPICIOUS PHOTO of Mr Coghill. It indicates to me that he may be a pedophile. I have had that photo on my website previously for TWO YEARS. ------- Jon Coghill has abused me since 2012. It is therefore normal that I would be angry with him.----------- Did someone broadcast a fake news story on 4mmm that said John Howard says John Birch (me) can not go to court? And was that news story broadcast just to me? ---------- Involving a Prime Minister in a con 4mmm. Is pretty stupid Triple M. --------- Yesterday, I went to court. I look forward to suing the Australian Media. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mr Coghill, Savage Garden Management may be interested in that photo. World-wide TV. ------------------------------ He was paying the authorities. ------------------------------------------------------- Mr Coghill gets money from his abusing. You can't take drugs and go around bashing in to people. LOVE is the basis of the law.