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Problem - the Big Guy - I Am Bashing Him (ADS) Until He Goes.

The big guy said to me for months, "It's OK for me to rape your girlfriend". I am bashing him again and again. Until he goes. That's still normal after any consent laws.

What is consent? | QPS (          I am not wording properly on this page because I am very angry. Still.


            I am not saying anyone has been raped. But that is what they always say.



                          I was in Jo-Beth Taylor's suburb yesterday.

                  And Nathan and Allan STOPPED ME VISITING my girlfriend Jo.

                  They used their positions as FM Radio DJ'S to do that.               

                  I've known Jo for 23 years.



Some people have got a lot to lose if I have got twelve love songs albums now.

Who previously called me a pedophile?

Jon Coghill. Nugget and Al?


When the customers know about my twelve love songs albums.

They have lost.


It will be OK in a while. That's what going to happen.

Meanwhile they attack me. But they can't win.

They lose.


It will be OK.



                         Nathan and Allan have also made fun of me being raped over two weeks

                 on their Breakfast show.





                         Where is my income for the last 23 years Coghill?

                         You haven't been receiving it?




Nathan and Allan put a wall between me and my girl? Then asked for consented rape. 

What happens to rapists?


If she doesn't love me Nathan and Allan. Then why does she constantly say she does for fifteen months?


It's a long time fifteen months.


Would you like me to kill you fellers?



Most fellers will tell you that getting sex with drugs is rape.

It's About Love



He's 'Hi'. We put him out in the carpark. In a cage. He's waiting for the thunder and lightning. He reckons he has no problems on his drug.




Jenny Comes Home

--- I'm going to breakfast. I'll be fine.

     Band on the run.