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Nathan 'Nugget' Dell. Rapist.


Walk a mile in my shoes. You will go to jail. Where you will be raped every day.


Nugget admitted to Police he drugged and raped his wife last October.


Last October Nugget said to Police, he drugged and raped his wife while she was asleep.

Nugget says, he regularly rapes his wife. And he thinks that is normal.

Rape is not normal Nugget.

The Police said it was rape.


You can't expect to keep a job as a DJ. If you are a rapist.

Getting hi won't fix it either.



It's about love Nugget. It's not about rape buddy.



--- Nugget and Al both admitted to rape when questioned by Police.




If I don't get Police action on this, Mr Dell. This will continue. That's normal. Not rape.


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