The JB Collection

Jazz Radio     John Lennon said, 'Give the people what they want'.

1. Miss Simplicity

2. Neon In The Rain            

3. Winter Days Are Gone

4. Cowboy Ballet                                   

5. Rose From Me To You                Mouse

6. I Love You                                Robot

7. Two Little Doves          

8. Money Or Love

9. Penny                  97% of us DO NOT take drugs now. 

10. Certain Smile

11. Two At Night                                                   

12. Song About You and Me                              

13. Chelsea                                       

14. My Girl

15. Genie In Blue Jeans                          

Drugs Beaten by The JB Collection. All tracks taken from the Mouse and Robot albums. This album also called Rest a While and Smile.

       Drugs Beaten by The JB Collection.