The JB Collection



$87 pay. For 38 years work.


Miss Pallaszczuk forgot to pay me again. And I've got twenty love songs albums. Isn't she just wonderful.


I was once in a mental hospital. I had been there four months. A rich doctor put me there. I met some friends there. We played cards. None of us were ill. One night, the nurse said we could go for a walk up to the shop. It was 7pm. Just gone dark. At the shop we each bought an ice cream and a coke. It was fun to be out of the place for a bit. I felt good.

Out of the shadows a young lady appeared. It was my friend's girlfriend. They had a short conversation then went somewhere else for a while. The gentleman and the lady were in love. That's cool. I reckoned.

I was in the hospital for six months. So, I got to know them fairly well. They were nice people. The lady's boyfriend told me his girlfriend had lost her leg below her left knee. A doctor did that, he said.

In my opinion, politicians who take money from wealthy doctors, like that, should be killed.



It's About Love