The JB Collection

Girl's Leg

I was once in a mental hospital. I had been there four months. A rich doctor put me there. I met some friends there. We played cards. None of us were ill. One night, the nurse said we could go for a walk up to the shop. It was 7pm. Just gone dark. At the shop we each bought an ice cream and a coke. It was fun to be out of the place for a bit. I felt good.

Out of the shadows a young lady appeared. It was my friend's girlfriend. They had a short conversation then went somewhere else for a while. The gentleman and the lady were in love. That's cool. I reckoned.

I was in the hospital for six months. So, I got to know them fairly well. They were nice people. The lady's boyfriend told me his girlfriend had lost her leg below her left knee. A doctor did that, he said.

In my opinion, politicians who take money from wealthy doctors, like that, should be killed.


Goring had money. Was Goring right to start World War Two? Sixty million people died in World War Two. There are ED medicines for every adult now.