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It's OK Today

In the early 2000's there was a problem with a recession. At that time I released my it's ok page. And in the USA some media talked about my it's ok page. Then, President Bush noticed something unusual. The President noticed that in the areas where my it's ok information had been talked about, by the media, the economy had picked up in those areas. Was it right that when the people were told by the media, that it is ok, the economy would recover from a recession? To test his theory, the President put his own it's ok information into the media in several places. And so, proved, that when the media says mostly it's ok. Rather than it's not ok. The economy improves. And so, the 911 recession was beaten. And also, we now had a better understanding of our economy for the future. The media were told to not say it's not ok too much. And the new President, Mr Obama, made many speeches about it's okness to the people. And our economy improved more. The economics of okness is now used throughout the world.

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